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Below are a few samples of published translations for which I was the sole or main translator (clickable .pdf samples).

I'm also the chief blogger for the news section of the Robertson Languages website - feel free to take a look at my latest posts.
Maybe you're looking for someone to blog for your site? If so, I'd love to help - please contact me for further details.

I also used to do a lot of film and television script translation and adaptation work, and would love to get back into similar work again - drop me a line to discuss any projects you might have.

Here are a few examples of scripts I worked on (working for Atsain Cyf and Eco Studios in Cardiff):


Cartoon series, Japan


Cartoon series, France

Twins of Destiny

Cartoon series, France

Les Dames de la Côte Translator
TV miniseries, France

The Snow Queen

Film, Finland